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Santorio Vimédica

It is a private company that provides comprehensive health services, a leader in its field. The care it provides to its patients is defined by the seriousness and professionalism of its owner, collaborators and employees, the quality and diversity of medical services it provides and the high technical and technological level applied to them.

Our effectiveness and efficiency that characterizes us, leads us to occupy a prominent place in comprehensive medical care in the region.

Our main objective is to provide our patients with impeccable service, both technically and humanly, and to make their stay in our facilities as pleasant as possible. To achieve these goals, we make available to our patients a highly qualified human team and all the necessary technical and material means.



We are a health company, committed to the care and promotion of life in all its stages. Offering comprehensive, ethical and humanized care; with scientific and technological quality that responds to the needs and expectations of patients and their environment.


To be a leading company at the regional level; with medical excellence, providing quality, competitive and personalized health services.

Our values

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